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UK t shirt screen printing, vinyl printing, sublimation and photo printing for custom designs and logos



T-Shirt Printing

 T-shirt printing custom logos can be achieved in many ways - screen printing, vinyl printing sublimation, indirect screen printing, process printing.  At Screenhaus we can advise you on the best and most cost effective printing process to use to suit your requirements in terms of design, logo, t-shirts, quantity and price.  Email your custom design for t shirt printing via our quotation form for prompt attention, or phone on 01604 714123 for helpful advice.

Simulated Process Printing

    A fantastic quality screen print has been achieved through simulated process printing on to  black t-shirts.  This is only viable on bulk orders due to the set up required.  Low cost silk screen printing can be achieved on volume orders using an automatic screen-printing machine, ideal for process or spot colour printing.  Process printing gives the effect of all colours merging together (half tone), whilst spot colour printing results in solid blocks or lines of colour (continuous tone).




  Screen printed T-shirt for FIM Motorcycle event

  The FIM and Motocamp rallys take place annually with new customised logos required for each event.  The t-shirt for the Messina event was screen-printed with attention to detail required to ensure an accurate fit.  The screen printing process was done on a manual screen printing carousel.  This process is suitable for quantities of around 50.  Larger quantities are more suited to automatic screen printing machines which are able to print large volumes very quickly.  This is an example of spot colour screen printing where each colour requires it's own screen.  Screens are set-up from positive film produced from customer's colour separated artwork.



  Sublimation T Shirt Printing


Sublimation printing enables a multi coloured logo to be printed on to a white t-shirt leaving a permanent finish.  It is ideally suited to smaller quantities as a multi screen set up is not required.  Instead the image is printed on to sublimation paper and heat pressed on to the garment.  Sublimation flock can also be used.  This is suitable for block designs but the flock can then be applied to many different garments (t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies).  Sublimation printing is also suitable for running vests and other sportswear.



   T-Shirt Screen Printing - Annual Running Club event

   Northampton Road Runners host an annual 10K Road Race and each competitor receives a screen printed running vest. This vest is an excellent example of spot colour screen printing, where there is a single one colour print.  Cotton T-shirts and vests are amongst the most suitable garments for screen-printing.   Gildan and Fruit of the Loom are the main brands used by Screenhaus Design due to their quality, consistency, competitive pricing and availability.  There will always be  cheaper and lower value t-shirts etc available, but we have generally found that you really do get what you pay for.







 Screen Printed T-Shirt - Rhydian

A excellent design that requires just a two colour screen print - white and red, but that gives the effect of a third colour by creating the silhouette of the singer from the text. Low cost screen printing can be achieved by minimising the amount of colours used in the printing process. Each colour requires a different screen which adds to the cost. Bulk t-shirt orders also help to achieve a lower cost. Screen printing is really only viable for a minimum quantity of 50 garments (e.g. t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies are generally the most popular garments to print on to).


 Screen Printed T-Shirt - Boarders Boards

   An excellent example of a very effective single colour screen printed t shirt.   Silk screen printing at it's best with a strong customized and original design ideally suited to being screen printed on to t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies etc.  To ensure that the white stands out against the red t-shirt a double print process is carried out i.e. the white is applied twice.   Once a screen has been set-up customers can return for repeat orders (within six months) without incurring a further screen set-up charge.  Different ink colours can be printed across a range of different coloured garments e.g. white on dark coloured garments and black on light coloured garments.


  Two colour screen printed t shirt - European Steel Hauliers


A two colour silk screen print that requires an exact fit between the black          and orange.  On achieving the fit a strong design is created even though it is only two spot colours.  There is a lot of detail enhancing many of the features of the truck.



 Screen printing and vinyl printing - ideal for Tour, Holiday, Stag or Hen shirts


Customized shirts often require a combination of two different techniques.  The tour details are usually screen-printed with the individual names applied using vinyl.  This printing method can be used for all sorts of tour events, school trips, stag and hen parties etc. Screenprinting and/or vinyl printing on to polo shirts is a popular way of producing low cost customized shirts for a variety of events. 


 Individual vinyl print and sublimation flock - ideal for wicking sportswear, t-shirts, running vests, football shirts, rugby shirts, cycling shirts etc                        


Screenhaus Design were supplied with blank wicking running shirts for use in the 2011 London Marathon.  Printing requirements were for individual names plus a charity logo.  The individual name print was achieved through a vinyl print, whilst the charity logo was printed using a technique called sublimation flock.  Vinyl printing involves cutting the design out of textile transfer films (of which there are a huge variety) and then heat pressing the design on to the t-shirt.  Sublimation flock involves printing the design on to a sheet of flock which is then heat applied to the t-shirt.

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