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UK t shirt screen printing, custom logo designs screen-printed onto t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts for men, women and children


Screenhaus Design has over 20 years of experience in screen printing and is therefore able to advise customers on all aspects of reproducing designs for screen printing.  Ideal for larger runs of approx plus 50 garments, with a one colour print offering the lowest cost option.  Please use our contact form to submit your quotation or call 01604 714123 to discuss your requirements.


  Screen Printed Uniform

A single colour screenprint is ideal for large runs.  This reversed out design uses the white ink to form the wording and custom logo.  Single colour silk screen printing is effectively used to print on to t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and other garments that are suitable as staff uniforms or company clothing.




   Screen Printed T-Shirt - Rhydian

 An excellent design that requires just a two colour screen print - white and red, but that gives the effect of a third colour by creating the silhouette of the singer from the text. Low cost screen printing can be achieved by minimising the amount of colours used in the printing process. Each colour requires a different screen which adds to the cost. Bulk t-shirt orders also help to achieve a lower cost. Screen printing is really only viable for a minimum quantity of 50 garments (e.g. t-shirts, long sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, zip hoodies).


   T-shirts printed with Cheese custom logo

 A three colour screen print - white, yellow and black, requiring substantial experience and  skill from the printer to ensure that each colour fits.   This type of design also lends itself to being reproduced using high quality heat applied transfers.




Faster than Dad screenprinting on to children's t-shirts

This hand drawn fun design is an excellent design for t-shirt printing.  Using three spot colours the baby on the motorbike really comes to life!  T-shirts for children, babies and toddlers are now widely available.  Fruit of the Loom offer a variety of children's valueweight t-shirts, starting from age 1/2, whilst Hanes and Larkwood  offer t-shirts, sleepsuits etc starting from newborn.



Black on white tshirt screenprint

A low cost but very effective screenprinting option, a black print onto white t shirts.  The reversed out design of the font style avoids a block print and adds to the overall impact of the tshirt design when printed.




 Custom t shirt design screenprinted onto t-shirts and vests

Another custom design ideally suited to the silk screen printing process.  All of the detail of the intricate design can be perfectly reproduced.  Using t-shirts specifically designed for screenprinting Screenhaus Design can produce a quality job. Fruit of the Loom valueweight t-shirts and athletic vests were used, both manufactured with a fine knit gauge and Belcoro yarn for improved printability.



   White onto black single colour tshirt design screen print                                 

A single colour white screenprint onto black t-shirts is another very effective of printing a custom personalised design.  This is a slightly more costly process as the black t-shirts cost more than white t-shirts and to produce a bright white long lasting finish requires a double print with a flash cure inbetween.

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