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 UK Embroidery and Custom Logo Embroidery onto polo shirts, workwear, hats since 1990



Embroidery provides an excellent way of displaying company or business logos, school or nursery emblems, or individual names on to a wide variety of company clothing: polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, hoodies, corporate shirts, jackets or uniforms.  At Screenhaus we are here to help from the start,  from converting your logo into a digitised embroidery programme, to completing your order and meeting your deadline.  Email your logos via our quotation form or phone 01604 714123.


Embroidered Workwear Logo

   Embroidery is very versatile especially for workwear clothing.  Once a logo has been digitised - that is, turned in to a stitch file for the embroidery machine - the same logo can be embroidered on to a variety of garments.  Embroidered polo shirts are very popular all year round.  Other garments can also be personalised by embroidery, e.g. embroidered fleeces, embroidered jackets, embroidered hoodies or sweatshirts.   Embroidered ties can also be supplied by Screenhaus Design.  Embroidered logos can usually be adapted in some way to embroider onto ties  (alternatively some printing techniques can be used on ties).  Tee shirt embroidery is generally suited to more heavyweight t-shirts but can be effective.





Embroidered Logos on Workwear

  For a charity event the normal embroidery thread colours were replaced by shades of pink, another example of how versatile the embroidery process can be.  This logo was then embroidered in the standard front left position on to polo shirts.  Embroidery threads mainly used by Screenhaus are the Classic 40 supplied by Madeira.  The Classic 40 is a viscose/rayon embroidery thread with a brilliant natural sheen.  The threads are manufactured to DIN and ISO standards and Madeira have achieved Laboratory Accreditation by Marks and Spencer.



 Embroidered corporate shirts

    An embroidered logo containing a relatively small stitch count that is ideal for embroidering on to coporate shirts, as well as other workwear garments.   This logo is embroidered on to polo shirts and fleeces as well as formal shirts.  Logos can also be individually personalised by embroidering individual names under the main logo.  Once an embroidery file has been set-up, it can be stored indefinitely.  A standard left breast logo such as this will cost £20.00 plus vat to set up (max width around 10cm).  To add individual embroidered names on to the same garment costs approx £5.00 plus vat (dependent on position, size etc).  For a full quotation please fill in the quotation form and we will supply a quote for your exact requirements.





  Embroidered hats

Embroidered hats are a very effective way of displaying a customized, personalised logo.  Embroidered logos work well on caps, fleece hats, knitted hats etc.  Beechfield Original Headwear are one of the main headwear brands used by Screenhaus Design. 




 Flame resistant embroidery

This logo has been embroidered using Flame Resistant Embroidery Thread (Fire Fighter No.40 manufactured by Madeira).  This flame and heat resistant embroidery thread is for aeronautics, fire brigade and motorsports, i.e. for all sectors where this specific safety is required.  Fire retardant backing material and bobbin thread (100% Aramid) are also used.  Screenhaus Design is able to provide a fast and efficient turnaround for embroidery on to specialist customer supplied garments such as racesuits etc.



 Horse blanket embroidery

Embroidery is a very versatile process, as seen here, with a large embroidered logo on a horse blanket.  As long as the item of clothing or blanket etc can be hooped up then it can usually be embroidered with a personalised design or company logo.  Screenhaus Design can supply most items of clothing or customers can provide their own. 




Blue Fox custom embroidered polo shirts 

By emailing Screenhaus Design with good quality artwork (e.g. as a Jpeg), your custom logo can be converted in to a digitised stitch file which is then used to embroder the logo on to your chosen item of clothing.  This can be either formal company clothing, workwear or school wear etc.






Embroidered swatch sample

Once a custom logo has been digitised and converted into a stitch file,  Screenhaus Design can provide an embroidered swatch sample on to a piece of cloth.  This allows the customer and Screenhaus Design to make any adjustments that may be required before going ahead.  Thread colours can be checked (Madeira offer a conversion from Pantone references to their thread colours), as well as the overall finish (checking everything from backing type, to needles used and bobbin thread).

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